WORKING is a multimedia project of Homelands Productions, an independent, non-profit journalism cooperative that specializes in radio documentaries. The radio profiles are produced in collaboration with Marketplace Radio, a daily program on US public radio stations about business and economics.

The executive producer of the WORKING project is Jonathan Miller. Project consultants are Sandy Tolan and Alan Weisman. Virginia Marques is the office manager. Sue Johnson edits and administers the website. Karen Lowe and John Haas are the editors of the radio profiles; Celeste Wesson is the senior producer of Marketplace, George Judson is the managing editor, and JJ Yore is the show's executive producer. Richard Core manages the Marketplace website, and Stephen Colón is in charge of the mixing engineers.

The WORKER BROWSER was developed by Thiago Demello Bueno of MadeOfPeople.org with help from Matthew Shultz, Sue Johnson and Mike O'Toole.

Funding for WORKING comes from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, International Labour Organization, American Public Media, Wallace Global Fund, and the Polson Institute for Global Development at Cornell University.

If you have questions or comments, please email us at working@homelands.org